Industrial Services

Industrial Services

5 ways Robotic Automation solves today’s challenges

Solving Challenges

Robotic automation solutions can take on many modern industry challenges such as the pandemic and labour shortages. To have peace of mind during uncertain times, it’s good to know you can count on a robot for several reasons:

Robots don’t call in sick

Robots will keep on moving at consistent rates all day without vacation time, lunch breaks or sick days. If you need production to continue overnight, robots can often run without human tending.

Robots don’t need to be quarantined

No need for social distancing and masking with robots. Whether in a pandemic or just in flu season, there’s no concern about being contagious with a robot. A human can work alongside a collaborative robot and never worry about whether their work partner is spreading germs.

Robots improve employee retention and advancement

When a robot is doing the dirty, dangerous and repetitive tasks, it frees up humans to take on more challenging and satisfying responsibilities such as programming, setup, and quality control. Employees are hard to find and keep, so it’s best to make the most of their skills in jobs that require human judgement, not mundane duties.

Robots help companies grow

Because robots increase productivity, quality and throughput, many companies using robots are able to be more competitive and take on more work. Whether it’s competing against a neighbouring business or trying to get reshoring opportunities, robots help to expand and often take on more skilled workers.

Robots are easy to use

With a teach pendant, intelligent software and intuitive interfaces, skilled workers can be trained to program robots in little time. Offline programming systems allow the robot to be programmed and tested from a PC or tablet.

Ready to improve productivity and efficiency in your facility?

There will always be a level of uncertainty in business, but having a robot on your team gives you the advantage to stay productive and competitive even in challenging times. Contact us today!


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Yoi priority is providing automation and Robotics (mechatronics engineering) solutions that strengthen our customers’ abilities to compete in the markets they serve. Whether the robotics solutions we deliver involve a stand-alone machine, multi-process equipment or integrated manufacturing system with robotic automation and IoT, our goal is always the same: optimizing throughput and quality at the lowest per-part manufacturing cost.

Our local robot engineering teams are dedicated to helping manufacturers get the most from their technology investments. Our parts and service representatives provide post-installation support to ensure maximum uptime, consistent productivity and low overall cost of ownership.

Our robotics engineering services team provides the competitive advantage for customers by designing, building, installing and supporting automation systems that increase throughput, decrease work in process, and decrease operating costs.

Industrial automation and robotic engineering services

Support and training services

  • Onsite mechanical, electrical and electronic service
  • Installation and start-up
  • Process improvement
  • Automation components
  • Preventive maintenance plans and services
  • Remote troubleshooting assistance through IoT
  • Customer training

Spare parts services

  • Recommended spare parts
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  • Local stock and order processing

Process engineering

  • Production flow analysis
  • Part process development
  • Programming and operator training
  • Post-installation support
  • Technical phone support

Turnkey engineering

  • 3D mechanical design and simulation
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Controls engineering
  • System debug
  • Part programming
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